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Every month you'll receive select full sized natural skin care products, with our mission to make you love your skin again. 

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Specifically formulated to target dullness, lifeless complexion & dehydration that point to women that mask their skin with draining makeup products. Get the healthier skin that you deserve and start loving your skin again.


Our curated products helps reduce the signs of sun damage and aging, by improving the appearance of fine lines and pigmentation.

Stay fresh at any age.

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Available now in Beni Boxes are the lovely Shea Theory Canella Cream Whipped Body Butter! The whipped body butters are enriched with luxury essential oils such as avocados, grapeseed almond, and hemp oil!

Also available are the signature RRaw body frost and the RRaw hand made soap bar!! The body frost is packed with natural sugar granules for a natural exfoliating finish. The RRaw hand made soap bar is a natural alternative to the many popular brands that put chemicals and other "fragrences" in their soap.